Northwood Academy of Hurdles

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The Northwood Academy of Hurdles was founded some 26 years ago by Graham Knight (Great Britain National Hurdles Coach and Technical Director of Sprints, Relays and Hurdles) however the increasing demands created by his role as the GB National Coach, inevitably resulted with a change of directorship at the Academy.

It was at this point in time, some 18 years ago, that Ted Grey (UKA 3 Hurdles Coach) stepped up from his existing coaching position at the Academy to take on the role of Director and Head Coach.

At the conclusion of the 2017/2018 sessions, Ted Grey announced his intention to retire and take a well earned rest from the organisational demands, commensurate with the position as Director and Head Coach. He has however made clear his intention to continue in a coaching role at the academy, for the foreseeable future.

Steve Oldham (UKA 3 Hurdles Coach) who has coached at the Academy for over 20 years under the direction of both Graham Knight and Ted Grey, will now take up the position of Academy Director & Head Coach, complimented by a regular team of experienced hurdles coaches.

Natalie Stinton and Charlotte Whitcombe manage the accounts, membership matters and purchase of Academy themed sportswear, in addition to their role as coaching assistants.

  • The Northwood Academy of Hurdles is in its twenty sixth year
  • It works monthly from October to March indoors at Northwood Stadium, Stoke
  • It has two equal aims: to work with athletes to develop their hurdling skills and offer hands on opportunities for coaches to work with athletes and other coaches
  • It is open to all hurdlers from a reasonable club standard upward to national champions – sprint and long hurdles
  • Ages catered for are U15, U17, U20, Seniors, male and female
  • Athletes work in age groups with small teams of coaches under a lead coach
  • It draws athletes from the East and West Midlands and the North West

Sprint Hurdles

  • Review of athletes' core stability and flexibility using hurdle walkovers
  • Review & development of technical model using established isolation drills
  • Guidance for development of starting techniques
  • Strength endurance specific to hurdles
  • Preparation for indoor competition
  • Video analysis of hurdle technique (when available)
  • Conversion to next age group specification where appropriate

Long Hurdles

  • Mobility assessment
  • Running gait assessment
  • Running and hurdle drills
  • Hurdle approach work, bilateral, dominant and non-dominant leg action
  • Technical endurance
  • Maximizing stride on and off hurdle
  • Hurdle starts and pace judgment
  • Stride pattern / change down work whilst maintaining speed
  • Video analysis of hurdle technique (when available)

Sessions provide the opportunity for coaches to work in small teams, enabling them to share ideas whilst working with athletes of their selected age group. Coaches will be encouraged to input their ideas and extend their experiences by planning sessions or parts of sessions

The emphasis is on the technical development of hurdlers but other aspects of athlete development e.g. strength and conditioning will also figure

Through the Academy coaches will experience the progressive nature needed by hurdlers from the winter, through competition preparation for the indoor and outdoor seasons

Suitable for coaches of any level...

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